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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pies n' Thighs in Brooklyn, NY

So it was about time The Hand made another trip up north to one of our favorite stomping grounds, Brooklyn.  We started off Friday night in Philly to play at Danger and Danger and bro-down with our ambassador of Perpetual Light, Mr. Justin Wolf.  We've started making a tradition of ending the night at his pad and getting stoned and watching shitty shit on Netflix such as "The Haunting in Connecticut" and "The Crazies".  This time around, we decided to go the more educational route with a little gem of a show called "1000 Ways to Die".  Did you know that if you go to sleep dreaming of a little red demon dwarf choking you to death and you actually die, you're like, soul dies too?  FUCK!  We also watched "I'm Still Here", a movie about inexplicable penis scenes.

So the next morning, it was off too Brooklyn, the place where my parents bumped uglies(super gross, barfy, parent uglies) and birthed my irreverant ass.  And if you recall from the last time I blogged about Brooklyn, you learned that I like to participate in the local tradition of the "Slamming of the Pigs".  This time around, endurance was in my favor and instead of locking myself in a karaoke bar bathroom and passing out time, it was............

I didn't really know how to write out the motor-boating noise, but I think you turds got it.  I was actually gonna try and be tame that night, too, but once we found out that the local bands we're making us go last at our second show of the day at 1:30 am, we called up our dude Evan Williams and told him to fill us.  In our mouths and bellies.  Oh yeah, in between those shows I went to a place I've been meaning to visit for over half a year:  Pies n' Thighs.

This a joint that serves southern style food such as fried chicken, bbq, and of course, pies.  I've had a couple of friends work here as well, and pretty much the only thing you hear about this place is that it'll blow your dick off(which B-rock claims is something I say?).  Easily the most recommended item is the chicken buiscuit: a big fuck-off buttery buscuit with a piece of fried chicken smothered in honey butter and hot sauce.  I had the  "burnt end" baked beans as my side:

So if you read my description above than you must have already come to the conclusion that this sandwich is nothing less than... uhmm... dick blowing offingly good.  Cuz yeah, it was!  The only reason I'm at an impasse here is that you could really recreate this anywhere that sells fried chicken(although their chicken is naturally raised, which doesn't mean much to me if I'm eating fat-fuck food).  If you go to KFC and order all the same components, you'll have a sandwich that's just as good for a fraction of the cost(I know Texas Pete when I taste it).  If I decide I want a meal that's gonna make feel like I belong in fat person hell, I probably don't need to spend ten dollars on it.  I also have to give a thumbs down on those beans, unfortunately --  dem shits was way too ketchupy for my taste.    But you know what?  I bet you the next time I play at Bruar Falls, I'll eat there again, cuz no where on earth will you find a place serving that kind of cuisine with a line around the block consisting of nothing but gorgeous hipsters with neat tattoos referencing their favorite child-hood books.  Plus, I didn't try the fried pickles(reason enough to go back to a joint),  and that sandwich was nothing short of delicious, so I'll be damned if I I'm gonna take the J train to the D, walk under the BQE, and take Scary Hooker Ave for two blocks just to save a couple of bucks.

Pies and Thighs is located in Brooklyn, NY at 166 S. 4th and Driggs, like a few train stops away from Union Pool, where one night I was trying to put the vibes out for some hot trim, but the only action I got was an ass-pinch from some dude.