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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nerth Kakilakee - Cooper's/The Milestone revisted

If being complete fat asses was having sex, then The Invisible Hand would be ballz deep.  I'd say about four out of every five meals have had something to do with BBQ, and getting up to get a glass in the morning is enough to knock the wind out of us.  B-rock compared our van to Aushwitz because of all the gas(the inhuman, ungodly, jump out of a moving car, gas).  To top it off, we're all sick as shit(Thomas isn't -- yet), and our Dr. -- Dr. Shitferbrains -- has prescribed slow smoked fat as part of our daily diet because of it's high content in vitamins F and Butt.  But hey, we're in North Carolina, it'd be a sin not to eat "Carolina Style" Q(We'll also have the chance to partake in Texas and Memphis styles as well).  Our buddy Rich over in Raleigh knew of the most old school, bad ass, Eastern Carolina Style joint, called Cooper's.

East Carolina style is "whole hog", meaning they barbecue the whole damn creature and use all sorts of not-so-shitty parts plus a bunch of wild shittier parts, then chop all that shit up and mix it together.  The sauce is thin and vinegar based, and whoever is cooking/serving it is usually some jolly old shit grinner.

For my sides, I went with collard greens and corn & buttuh beans, which are the same thing as lima beans and  have nutrients out the asshole:  fiber, magnesium, and a ton of iron, which wikipedia tells me is great for chicks on the rag.  Not pictured are the hushpuppies and pork rinds, whose only nutrients are ass fatteners.  Everything was spectacular, as it should be considering they've had over 70 years to learn how to not fuck up.  So if you're looking for the real thing, I would highly recommend Cooper's!


Remember when we went to The Milestone in Charlotte?  Well we played there again!  And wouldn't you know it, I found some more shitty bands names!  *Trumpets*

I'm thinking ska band?  Do they still make those?  All I know is that these 
dudes must be beating off the hoochie with a stick!  Or just beating off.

That does indeed say "Poontanglers".  I'd say Southern rock
that blurs the line between "no" and "yes" and "No answer?  Hm.
That's as a yes!"

Here's a good question:  where does one go
when you're riding the Murdercycle?  Holy geez
I hope it's Bone Fish Grill.  Cuz i love murdering Bang
Bang Shrimp.

Me too, buddy, me too.

Check out their hit single, "I feel really strongly about stuff"


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  1. Why don't you pick up a bag of oranges next time you pass a roadside stand cause you butt pirates are going to get scurvy.