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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Providence, RI -- AS220

Dude, it's so hard to write this blog chronologically, cuz im just waking up in philly and now i have to write about some shit i ate like 3 or 4 days ago; and all i really want to talk about is how this janitor at an upstate new york rest stop was sweeping at my feet from neighboring bathroom stalls as i was answering the call of nature(by that, i mean "sleucing a deuce", and by that i mean crapping some poop).  Srsly, dude!?!?!?  what the fuck is wrong with you!?!??  that is so uncomfortably weird.  How bout next time you're copulating i'll just go ahead and bust out my lint roller.  fuck you, man.

anyway, so we woke up in The City and were treated to Eggs Á La Pennock.  That means some scrambled eggs made by our boy Matt Pennock.  Mother fucker's got skillz.  The mix of scrambie included black beans, corn, tomato sauce, and hot sauce.  He killed it!  This guy is also a poet.  Oh, you need evidence of this?  fine, well this is just what dude's refrigerator poetry is like:

Consider youselves moved.

So after a couple of episodes of 30 Rock, it was off to Providence, RI.  This was the Hand's second visit to the second or third largest city in New England, and also our second visit to god's gift to vegetarians, AS220.

From their website:  "AS220's new food offerings, like all of its programs, is highly mission driven and reflects the founding principles of the non-profit organization. First and foremost, we want everyone who walks through the doors of AS220 to feel welcome and have access to the programs and benefits therein, regardless of financial constraints or other limitations. Because we feel a healthy meal and comfortable gathering place should be open to all, we aimed to create a restaurant that always has affordable options on the menu. We want AS220's food & drink spaces to be a meeting place, a social "melting pot" and a forum for new ideas and collaboration, as we have always sought to provide."  Uhm, so this is place is fucking delicious.  Not to mention they were playing some obscure doom metal band on the house speakers when we walked in.

For an appetizer, Mr. Smith ordered the sweet potato fritters with honey mustard sauce:

So good!  And only four dollars.  Imo,  it didn't really need the honey mustard sauce, maybe a marshmallow sauce?  Am i stoned?  I ordered the fake chorizo sandwhich that came on grilled pita bread with cheddar, crumbled tofu, hard boiled egg and "R1 hot sauce", which basically just tasted like Texas Pete Extra Bold(which means it was super good).  I also had sauteed kale and chard, cuz shit has powerful antioxident properties and is considered to be anti-inflamitory, and i just happen to be a flaming shit vessel.

The beauty of sauteed kale and chard is that you don't really have to do much in the ways of seasoning, but if you're cooking at home, i'll go ahead and recommend minced garlic and soy sauce(tamari if you have it), you can thank me later.  My sandwich was delicious, but I wish I had what Tom ordered:  the biggest fucking bowl of mac n' cheese with broccoli.  Hey Tom!  You better E. Honda that bite fast before Chun-li blue fire-ball kicks that shit out of your hand!!

You know what's weird?  No one at our table remembers seeing that chick at all.  And we're the type of dudes to notice chicks from like, two miles away.  We're going with she's a ghost.

AS220 is located at 115 Empire St. in downtown Providence, RI, about two blocks from a music venue called Hell, which is a music venue that can garglge my balls 4 lyfe.

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