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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raleigh, North Carolina

As far as college towns go, it's  pretty hard to be better than Raliegh, NC.  We played this awesome new place about the size of the Black Cat in DC and the first thing we saw when we walked into this joint is this:

AWESOOOME!!  Statler and Waldorf were crucial, cuz I wasnt about to go up to the third band and let them know they were the best boring predictable band I've ever seen.  Anyway, didn't really have much dinner cuz I was saving myself for our Raliegh tradish, but I'll tell you what, here was the tastiest thing of weekend:

HOT.  YOUNG.  DICK.  yum!  i'm pretty sure i just gave all of my female readers some raging wide-ons, so, your welcome.  The dude above my head used to play in Wavves and apparently the main wavves dude likes to rub one out in the tour van while there are other dudes in the van.  And i don't really know what to think about that, but you gotta admire a dude's passion for loving himself.

Anyway, so the Hand has a tradition in Raliegh:  1)  get shit canned 2)  go to Richie's(the dude in the red hat) 3)  Order some Gumby's at 3am 4)  maybe a get stoned and play video games 4)  DAWG SOME FUCKING GUMBYS

Srsly, there hasn't been one trip to Raliegh that we didn't do this.  There's just something special and heartwarming about being able to have Pokey stix delievered to your face at 4am.  Omg!  Thomas ordered FIVE FUCKING PIZZAS!!

So, Pokey Stix, are like, by farrr my favorite thing about 4am Gumby's.  You know when you get that certain amount of drunk and do it with a chick, and like, you just can't stop doing it and it kind of goes on forrevoorrrr and you're all like, "I don't think it's gonna happen", but you just keep going anyway?  That's like me being wasted and having Pokey Stix.  I last forevor with Pokey Stix, but I guess the difference is that we actually run out of the Stix so I end up stopping.  Woah!  Even the chick from Vivian Girls loves to dawg some stix!

I think we used to have a Gumby's in Charlottesville but got rid of it because we can't have nice things.  Eat a dick, Charlottesville.


  1. Nice segue from poking chicks to pokey stix. Keep'em comin'!

    - Howard

  2. there absolutely was a gumby's in cville a while. long, long while ago.